Unbecoming - Part 1

Return to your true wildish nature

A ‘Self’ study group with Jagriti 

Coming to the Yoga Tree in 2020

You’re invited on an inner quest to return to your true wildish nature. Through an exploration of four Goddess archetypes, you’ll journey into uncovering parts of yourself that are most alive within you and those you may have lost along the way. This is part one in a series of two programs which explore Jagriti’s Goddess framework of powerful feminine archetypes. Through a series of feminine embodiment practices, sharing circles, meditation, journaling and homework exercises you will take a deep dive into the following four Goddess archetypes that reside within you: 

Mystic Goddess

Nurturing Goddess

Warrior Goddess

Magnetic Goddess


Yoga Tree Members $400 (inc gst)

Newcomers can become a member with a yoga tree $30 trial pass. 

About Jagriti

Jagriti is an expert in feminine leadership and has been involved with dance, movement and feminine embodiment work for over 20 years. She completed the Wild Woman Circle Teacher’s Training under Michaela Boehm, and some of you may have attended her “Warrior Goddess: Dance with Demons” workshop at Seven Sisters Festival in 2018. She’s also an accredited MBTI practitioner with a solid understanding of human personality which she uses to help senior managers within corporate environments become more heart centred and intuitive leaders. She attended the ‘Dare to Lead’ seminar by Brene Brown and has been actively involved with Sadhguru and Isha Foundation to promote meditation and wellbeing.  She is also an accredited yoga teacher from Mumbai, India and the owner of Ignite Bollywood Dance Company which has been successfully running for 9 years. 

Questions about the program? 

Call Jagriti on 0423 080 724 or email info@jagriti.com.au. Visit www.jagriti.com.au to find our more about the Goddess framework and Jagriti’s work. 

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