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Class Requirements - What Do I Need to Bring To Class

Towel, Mat & Water

Please bring a towel, Yoga mat (if you have one) and water to class. You can hire them at the studio but they are at an extra cost.

Hydrate & Eat 3 Hours Prior

Please do not eat for up to 3 hours before your first class and hydrate all day.

No Shoes In the Studio

Please remove your footwear before entering the class. Shoes are not permitted in the studios for hygiene purposes.

Wear Light Clothes

Wear light, fitted clothing, preferably showing knees.

New To Yoga Or Pregnant?

If you are pregnant & new to Yoga, please consult your doctor before starting.

Quiet In Class

Talking is not permitted in class. Please be mindful of other students by either turning off your mobile phones and pagers off or on silent.

First Class? Come 10m Early

We ask that all new students arrive at least 10 minutes before the class time as all classes do start on time and late arrivals will not be admitted.

Concerns Or Injuries

Be sure to inform the teacher before class about any concerns or injuries.

Do Not Leave During Class

Please try not to leave during class as it disturbs the other students.